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Jun 12, 2018 our trainers going through traditional mae mai muay boran techniques during the muay thai boran sports association trainer course that they completed this past weekend. Seven training methods of muay thai by daniel sullivan. Thai boxing is a form of hard martial art practiced in several southeast asian countries including thailand. In this article, however, we consider only the muay thai techniques for competitive sport. The muay thai student learns to deal with setbacks and failure in the process of striving for higher levels of excellence. This is the first technique that you will learn in muay thai because it is the most used technique in the sport. The more raw power you have and the better your muay thai technique, the more effective you are as a thai boxer. In muay thai training techniques, professional trainer christoph delp shows amateur as well as advanced fighters.

The former, mae mai which means fundamental techniques, are the founding principles of the thai fighting style. The 15 traditional technical forms, mae mai or mai khru thai, far from representing just simple offensive or defensive movements, are the essence of a complete system of fight, enormously rich and. Muay thai level 1 offensive techniques jab cross lead teep to the body rear kick to the body defensive techniques lead shin block parrying the lead teep combinations and movement stance stalking jab, cross jab, rear kick to the body, lead teep to the body lead shin block, rear kick to the body lead shin block, cross parry the lead teep, rear. Muay thai is very demanding when it comes to physical performance. Therefore, as a martial artist and fighter, you need to focus on your training methods. The punches of traditional muay thai punches chok used to be limited. Muay thai has in its long tradition spawned a big range of different muay thai techniques. Front kicks teep throng, high kicks dteh tawad muay thai techniques in the halfdistance.

Muay thai makes use of the full range of punches associated with western boxing. Cause muay thai is living art there are myriads of variations of how to call this or that technique, how to execute this or that strike or training drill. Muay thai is a combat sport that utilizes eight different parts of the body fists, elbows, knees, and shins, with that being said injuries are quite common in all levels of muay thai. One of the requirements of sportaccord was that no sport can have a name of a country in its.

The 15 traditional technical forms, mae mai or mai khru thai, far from representing just simple offensive or defensive movements, are the essence of a complete system of fight, enormously rich and sophisticated. However body punches are less useful as they can leave the attackers head open to counterstrikes by the knees and elbows. One of my favorite knees to teach students is the independent knee ik and is the foundation for the other knees. Then, bring those data to the experts in order to ask for the feedbacks and comments of developing muaythaiboran treatise. The 30 mae mai and look mai forms that the members of the academy practice are at present recognized by most thai masters. Combat muay boran is a traditional fighting style, original of. Muay thai or literally thai boxing, is a combat sport of thailand that uses stand up striking. This discipline is known as the art of eight limbs as it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. In order to understand its background, its culture and my coach better im trying to explore more of the techniques and history of this fascinating sport.

All reprinting and citation of text in part or whole is prohibited. This study is based upon a survey of 195 muay thai fighters. Couple of years ago i downloaded a muay thai pdf book from this forum. He has made his expert knowledge of martial arts and fitness available to a wide audience through his many books, including muay thai counter techniques and fitness for fullcontact fighters. Muay thai the art of fighting by yod ruerngsa, khun kao charuad and james cartmell this draft should not be sold, rented and etc. Khun kaos muay thai curriculum fusion mixed martial arts. The rest of your weapons will help complement these core techniques. Mae mai muay thai or main mae techniques mai of thai fighting muay, they. At the same time, new thai boxing styles and techniques have been. Rules of muay thai at this next point, when the student passes the following requirements, heshe would then earn the green paprachiat yellow prachiat.

From the past to present day, muay thai is the thais national heritage. If using for example the attack called knon muay jujom. Future studies should focus on current muay thai athlete profiling. Muay boran imbas basic technical syllabus is based on 4 fundamental components. Better muay thai technique transfers this raw power efficiently into your opponent. Find out the quality of the draft of muaythaiboran treatises from the feedbacks and comments from the experts. Some basic mae mai muay thai techniques for more info. If you want to improve your muay thai sparring and become a better fighter. Every khru muay boran should be well versed in all four elements. All these boxers have made a name for the camp that is now recognized both at the national. Youll often notice different english spellings for thai words the sound is the important thing, so dont worry too much about spellings. Tiger muay thai trainers practicing mae mai techniques.

So if you find out that there are some differences between what you are taught and what you read in this book dont worry. Tiger muay thai trainers practicing mae mai techniques youtube. Proper technique execution is important in any combat sport match. You will learn all the advanced techniques like flying elbows, flying knees, trapping, lethal hand foot combinations and much much more. Major boxing tricks or mae mai muay thai is the martial art developed since ancient times.

Key techniques to focus on jabcross the two most basic punches in muay thai is the jab and cross. This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on shins is known as the art of eight limbs because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins, being associated with a good physical preparation that. Each khru muay master had his own teaching style, however once the basic elements had been integrated, the student would begin to learn the real fighting strategies, the mae mai and look mai muay thai techniques. Pdf sports sciencebased research on the sport of muay thai. Kun khmer in cambodia, lethwei in myanmar, tomoi in malaysia, and muay lao in laos.

Muay thai fighting techniques pdf muay thai techniques pdf download muay thai techniques poster muay thai boxing muay thai boran muay thai clinch muay thai combinationshe was acknowledged as a hero, and his fighting style became known as siamesestyle boxing, later to be known as muay thai. Like most advanced techniques the ik should be set up with some other technique, i. That being said ive used the most common spelling forms i could find. Trained in thailand, christoph delp is a fitness, kickboxing, and muay thai instructor with extensive experience in competition. Sep 06, 2007 some basic mae mai muay thai techniques for more info. In the martial art of muay thai, there is a distinction between three combat distances. Fighting skill in muay thai and other martial arts is a function of your athletic ability and how you train. Currently, little is known about the injuries and risk factors for injuries among muay thai fighters. Muay thai thailandisch audiodatei horbeispiel, rtgs muai thai mua. Thai musical instruments for boxing muay thai is still developing, but what remains unchanged is the use of the pipe and the drums as musical accompaniments for the matches, and is considered a unique characteristic of muay thai. The attacker throws the straight left punch to the defensives face then steps the left foot forwards.

The main requirement of obtaining this information is the availability of means of. Muay thai thai healing alliance international thai. A guide for individuals wishing to take up the sport of kickboxing or muay thai a stepbystep technique photo guide. Muay thai has certain techniques that are used more often than others. Muay thai is both an individual and social activity. Selfreliance and selfconfidence are enhanced, as is personal responsibility. Muay thai pdf download muay thai kickboxing training techniques free download as pdf file. A muay thai match lasts up to 5 rounds of 3 minutes but is often manipulated depending on the skill of the athletes. Muay thai techniques sharing real life techniques of. Muay thai is a combat sport of thailand that uses standup striking along with various clinching techniques. Look mai muay thai boran techniques and applications eng. Our trainers going through traditional mae mai muay boran techniques during the muay thai boran sports association trainer course that they completed this past weekend. An injury is considered reportable if it requires the athlete to rest for more than one day. Muay thai techniques sharing real life techniques of muay.

The rise of the allinone mmamuay thai gyms have resulted in a lot of people who know muay thai, without actually knowing what real muay thai is. Nawarthawooth, chern muay, kon muay kae, mae mailook mai. The author and publisher cannot accept any responsibility for the misuse of any of the techniques. Athletic ability is a godgiven trait and you have no control over that.

Most people get their muay thai source from the standup guys in mma, who have a completely different style and movement than traditional muay thai. Muay thai techniques all muay thai moves at a glance. On our latest scouting trip to find you the best martial arts schools in thailand i visited chiang mai in north of thailand to discover muay thai in chiang mai. Peter currently teaches thai kickboxing for beginners. A list of advanced muay thai combos for training and sparring. Sep 30, 2014 muay thai has in its long tradition spawned a big range of different muay thai techniques. Remember, muay thai scoring rewards techniques that demonstrate an effect on your opponent. Muay thai techniques sharing real life techniques of muay thai for the student and professional. Many training methods and martial applications of every mae mai are shown in.

The ultimate list of muay thai techniques and videos. Trained in thailand, christoph delp is a fitness, kickboxing. Mae mai muay thai is the major fighting styles regarded as basic movements in thai kickboxing. Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download. Muay thai became widespread internationally in the. He runs special thai kickboxing courses and personalised private training sessions and is the author of the online thai kickboxing guide at.

It is the most wellknown and the most recognized of thai culture among thai and foreigners. If you have had time to check out our previous articles about muay thai, you probably would already understand why we are so eager to master this art of eight limbs. The term mai muay thai refers to the advanced techniques that used in combination of basic weapons and movements in order to attack or defence. Many times the difference between an advanced muay thai combo and a simple combination is not a number of counts but a level of fitness you need to achieve to be able to deliver it successfully to your opponent. Celebrations, especially those held at temples, known as muay boran. Formal muay thai techniques are divided into two groups. Introductory thai boxing techniques by christoph delp. Athletes can kick, punch, knee, elbow, and grapple with their opponents. Chiang mai seeing a muay thai fight is usually on the todo list of everyone who visits thailand, and chiang mai has three very distinct venues on offer.

The trainees of muay thai kickboxing must learn and practice these techniques before training look mai muay thai, which are more detailed movements of thai kickboxing. Muay thai articles muay thai gear, gloves, equipment. While all muay thai classes have bases in the traditional ancient martial arts. Generating this information is a critical first step toward the broader goal of improving the health and safety of muay thai fighters engaged in competition. The great things about this book is it demonstrates what i will call for lack of a better term core muay boran techniques it does not teach the style of muay.

It showed many muay thai techniques with illustrations and the names of the techniques. Look mai muay thai are divided from mae mai muay thai, which are major fighting styles regarded as basic maneuvers in thai kickboxing. This master trick is the teachers trick or the basic trick to move in and used another tricks. The 15 look mai, as ideal complement of the 15 basic techniques are generally approved by exponents of all styles. The former, mae mai which means fundamental techniques, are the founding. These 3 are the distance fight, the half distance and the infight. Body kick the body kick is the most common kick in muay thai. Each distance has their own techniques, which are preferably used. This will give you a great advantage no matter how good and technical you are. Mae mai muay thai information about muay thai master tricks. A collection of free muay thai pdf books paperblog. Pad work is one of the best training methods because it allows you to make contact and to work on attributes like speed, power, timing, form and conditioning.

All of muay thai weapons have their own mai muay thai, which are fists, feet, knees and elbows. But during the latter half of the last century, muay thai became more infused with western boxing styles. It tells you the best ways to score points and how judging is done. The time that you may not have to set up the ik with another technique is if youre fighting someone that pushes their way forward with their head down, i. Gaining more insight into the nature and frequency of injury in this. Muay thai techniques all you need to know about thai boxing moves muay thai techniques and the three distances. These master tricks are consisted of 15 movements as follow. Stepbystep mae mai muay thai descriptions in detailed pictures and nice videos. The art is similar to others in southeast asia such as. How to do advanced muay thai techniques extreme muaythai. Nawarthawooth muay thai is the siamese martial art of the nine body weapons, nawarthawooth. Kon muay thai kon muay means the movements or the styles of using muay thai as the art of fighting both of the attack and the defense, which are named by the characteristic of the usage. If using for the defense or counter called kon muay kae. The name tarng pa is derived from an ancient farming technique used to.

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