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In this book you will learn a myriad of things, such as how to gain selfrespect and selfesteem, change negatives into positives, gain clarity in your relationships, and how to listen to your intuition. That life of god permeates the whole of nature, which is but the. Many lives, many masters so im not quite sure if this is the best place to post this, but over the past week ive been getting more and more of a pull towards the ideas of reincarnation and past lives. Brian weiss made headlines with his groundbreaking research on past life therapy in many lives, many masters. What is also true is that space and time are one in higher dimensions. An inspiring book about this is many lives, many masters by brian weiss that shows proof of reincarnation and its affects on your present lifetime.

Messages from the masters, tapping into the power of love. The masters are highly evolved souls not in physical form who pass along messages of love, wisdom and universal truth. Brian is the author of many lives, many masters, through time into healing, only love is real, messages from. Some believe this is an absolute truth, others are skeptical.

Popular reincarnation books meet your next favorite book. An esoteric history surveys the complex history of reincarnation theories across multiple fields of discourse in a preamerican context, ranging from early greek traditions to medieval christian theories, renaissance esotericism, and european kabbalah, all of which had. The multimillion bestselling author of many lives, many masters brings you a beautiful and sensitive tale of true love that transcends time gary zukav, author of seat of the soul. Reincarnation guide march 10 adriana from brazil asks the masters.

Tapping into the power of love, promotes what weiss feels is the most important lesson we can learn love. Weiss, karma, remembering past lives and good stories. A mystical masterpiece, this spiritual parable is a guidebook for any soul seeking to understand the universe and her place within it. Reincarnation is a 2008 fantasy novel by american author suzanne weyn. They explain in detail how, as eternal souls, we choose a series of human lives to learn lessons and to gain knowledge. The jadefaced yama who once ate both the black and white path vows to take back the power that once belonged to him step by step. This is a brief list of some of the best books giving examples, case studies, and thorough explanations of past lives and reincarnation. Reincarnation, alternative spirituality, books barnes. Brain weiss talks about the messages from the spiritual masters. Groundbreaking psychiatrist and bestselling author of many lives, many masters dr. There are useful exercises at the end of each chapter and over 300 joy affirmations.

I love opening a random page and seeing what is in there. The also ran reincarnation novels actually inspired me to write my own. They say when youre experiencing a nde near death experience you see a tunnel, see familiar faces, dead people, people who are only partially channeled into this world, a purity of love and compassion for human kind and a will to get better and come back with a new. Embrace and discover the eternal, healing elements of love, through the gentle wisdom of one of the worlds most enlightened teachers. Brian weiss found his life changed profoundly after curing a patient using pastlife therapy. There are many fiction novels with reincarnation as a theme, and as with most genres, there are good stories, which are well set out with original plots, and then there are the ones that are not so good, with rehashed plots and little variation on the reincarnation novels which came before them. In the end, it all comes down to love, patience, and forgiveness. Books about reincarnation help us think and learn about the subject of the afterlife.

Readers who love brian weisss many lives, many masters and only love is real will appreciate the depth of study that the author brings to this work. I found it both reassuring and comforting to learn that the spirit is infinite and our physical being on earth is superseded by the spiritual being. Psychiatrist brian weiss, famous for his books on reincarnation, received these messages through various means including his own meditations and the pastlife regressions of his patients. Just because this is a book on reincarnation, and past life regression, many people dismiss it a simpleminded, new age, drivel. Having previously been a little cynicaldismissive of the concept of reincarnation, i found this book to provide an excellent insight into past life regression, the spirit world and the masters. Who said that you will lead a dull life after rebirth. Share your reincarnation stories here, because we love to publish them. Bette stockbauer the reappearance of the christ and the masters of wisdom offers a rare glimpse of the underlying preparation for an experience that has long been anticipated by people in all walks of life.

Brian weiss tells oprah of how he came to practice past life regression therapy. The big book of reincarnation, examining the evidence that. This book dealing with a character from the first is so real in its content that it takes the reader into a realm of possibilities that i believe, we all experience and want to believe. Behind the evolving form burgeons out ever the life eternal, the life divine. She said after reading the book that she was sure we had known each other in a past life and i had been her mother, sister, or aunt. Journey of the soul by toni ann winninger available from rakuten kobo.

Brian leslie weiss born november 6, 1944 is an american psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and author who specializes in past life regression. Whether or not one believes in reincarnation and channeling, weisss book will disappoint. The book will open doors for many who have never considered the validity of reincarnation. One of the reasons that i wrote my novels, along with my love of writing and my interest in the genre, was that ive found it increasingly difficult to find good reincarnation novels. This is the third time that ive read this book over the years, and no doubt it will not be the last. Reincarnation books, in particular along with manifesting books, had a profound effect on me.

His research includes purported reincarnation, past life regression, future life progression, and survival of the human soul after death. In succession to the first book in series many lives, many masters regarding patient past life regression analysis, in this 2nd book, dr. The book that sheds new light on reincarnation and the extraordinary healing potential of past life and hypnotic regression therapy, from the bestselling author of many lives, many masters. Reborn in the west is an enthralling odyssey which seeks to uncover the mysteries behind reincarnation. In fact, as a respected yale university trained psychiatrist, he dealt in scientific fact. This significantly courageous book has opened the door to a marriage between science and metaphysics. Proof of reincarnation by world famous scientists, proof that soul, reincarnation and god is a truth, clippings by the respected parties. That would have been an arrogant mistake, and a stupid loss, on my part. Brian weiss, author of many lives, many masters, is a welltrained psychotherapist who cut his teeth in traditional psychology and medicine at yale. But i planned to steal every morsel because it was like manna and i was a starving sparrow. I have been bothered about my nose because its bent and i feel like i need to correct it, do another surgery and that this is going to make me feel better and its going to reflect on all my life somehow. Now he takes his research into transcendental messages one breathtaking. Your touch was familiar, your mind, mine to wander. Whether or not one believes in reincarnation and channeling, weisss book.

How past life memories affect your child, by carol bowman. But to accomplish this, they must develop all the perfections, the germ of which is planted in them. The spirit masters have answers that make senseand those answers are now in a new book. Messages from the masters tapping into the power of love. Do you really think master su is a rice dumpling for. Jan 18, 2012 im thrilled to present this new afterlife tv episode featuring dr. Real reincarnation stories page 3 of 3 stories, past. The transformational healing power of pastlife memories, explores the way in which love can transcend lifetimes. The big book of reincarnation, examining the evidence that we. His and catherines experiences about past lives are truly fascinating, and no matter how you feel about reincarnation, the lessons from the masters about how to live are quite universal. Jeanne avery, author of astrology and your past lives a profoundly moving account of one mans unexpected spiritual awakening.

After the list, ill provide a brief description of each book. It tells the story of a two lovers who attempt to find each other through the centuries. The big book of reincarnation is thorough, well researched, engaging, and the most comprehensive book ever published on this fascinating subject. Weiss tells the true story of catherine, her many existences, her remarkable therapy sessions, and the vision she revealed of the human mind and soul. The masters definitive teaching on this journey of the soul is concise and runs deep. I thought that was such a sweet compliment that i had to give this book a shot. Find the best nonfiction books on reincarnation and past lives here. Messages from the masters is the ultimate guidebook to understanding the purpose and the fullness of who you are. Aug 20, 2010 the book s celestial authors, the ascended masters, are a group of senior guides on the other side.

Weiss tells the story of a patient named diane, who worked as the head nurse at an urgent care center. The big book of reincarnation store hierophant publishing. Im thrilled to present this new afterlife tv episode featuring dr. Book on the reappearance of the christ and the masters of. Some of these books talk about children, love stories, romance, ian stevenson, dr. During a pastlife regression session, diane supposedly experienced the life of a young settler in north america during the early years of conflict with native americans. Brian weiss was a skeptic when he wrote his first book on the subject of reincarnation many lives many masters. The book reader a thoroughly remarkable book that crafts a penetrating chronicle of the universe and its mindblowing powers. The souls must reenter the absolute substance whence they have emerged.

Oct 21, 2016 proof of reincarnation by world famous scientists, proof that soul, reincarnation and god is a truth, clippings by the respected parties. A mothers search for her past life children by jenny cockell, many lives, many masters. With more than one million copies in print, many lives, many masters is one of the breakthrough texts in alternative psychotherapy and remains as provocative and timeless as it was when first published. That life of god permeates the whole of nature, which is but the manycoloured cloak which he has donned. The book s celestial authors, the ascended masters, are a group of senior guides on the other side. Weiss studied at columbia university, and later graduated from the. They have helped me understand there is a reason why we are here on earth after reading the books on this page i have finally been able to heal from several emotional issues that i carried for years. After what seems to be a plane accident, su bai master su was seized of his power and unexpectedly reincarnated onto a cowardly distant nephew. Using pastlife therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career. I think everybody reincarnates because we have many. In 1980, weiss, head of the psychiatry department at mount sinai medical center in miami beach, began treating catherine, a 27yearold woman plagued by anxiety, depression and phobias. In her debut novel crescendo, amy weiss, the coauthor of miracles happen.

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